Immersive Dance

An evening of dancing in freedom, liberation and practicing movement!

Relax and break free from stress and anxiety in just 4 hours. Have fun in a safe space – without the need for alcohol or illegal substances.


Meditation is a special exercise that helps a person “not to get stuck” on disturbing thoughts that swirl around in the head like annoying flies, taking away energy and joy. The ultimate goal of these practices is to achieve complete tranquility of mind and body while maintaining awareness and mindfulness.

Transformation game: “The Seventh Key”

This is a group board Game, using the Hellinger method of formations, focused on working through ancestral, social, personal negative scenarios. As well as work with personal requests of participants, and aimed at finding optimal solutions and overcoming personal crises and difficult situations, and to achieve personal goals of participants.

Live transformational encounters and practices.

These spaces are created with a lot of love.

Task – Dissecting your queries in a group, eco-friendly IAC sessions. Finding solutions for everyone. Group field transformations on the type of Hellinger’s Formations.

Here are collected different topics for the harmonious formation of a new Man in the environment of his own kind through the prism of the I am the Creator, I am part of the whole! Creative realization of the Self integrated into the Community of like-minded people.

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