Unpacking the superpower

Help in releasing internal conflicts.

Discovering your special abilities, skills and qualities that help you reach greater heights in life.

Take the first important steps to self-sufficiency and self-esteem!

The techniques used allow to penetrate most effectively into the deep layers of the subconscious mind, releasing the vital resources and restoring connections with the original Source – the Real You


  • Elimination of discomfort, intrusive thoughts, anxiety.
  • Healthy Relationships.
  • Relief from chronic fatigue.
  • Confidence in your abilities and yourself.
  • A sense of satisfaction with life.
  • Strengthening the capacity for real achievement.
  • Gaining the integrity of self-sufficiency and self-esteem
  • Getting to the next level of life.

Terms and conditions

Duration : up to 11 hours

The cost of 1 session ( 1 hour) – 60 euros. 

The cost of the 11-session course is 600 euros. two months.

Work Plan:

  1. Identification of personality type. Identifying purpose is where my specialty lies.
  2. Working with the subconscious mind.
  3. Transforming negative beliefs.
  4. Working with fears.
  5. Consolidation of the new Image.

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