I offer unique methods of solving various problems, I help you deal with a variety of life situationsthat require change and transformation.

In the spheres of:

  • Destination, Potential
  • Relationship
  • Spiritual growth, personal development
  • Development Vector
  • Professional orientation, talents, successful implementation
  • Correction of psychosomatic deviations
  • Healing, disease prevention, immunity
  • Correction of negative birth and personality programs.

Transformation of negative programs into positive scenarios

Resolving internal conflicts


Childhood traumas, lack of energy, repetitive negative events, depressed state, sleep disturbance, guilt, shame, fear, abjection, low self-esteem, anxiety, breakdowns at work, on children, loved ones, dependent relationships, lack of desires, fear of starting a new path.

Unpacking the superpower

Take the first important steps to self-sufficiency and self-esteem!

The techniques used allow to penetrate most effectively into the deep layers of the subconscious mind, releasing the vital resources and restoring connections with the original Source – the Real You
Formation of expanding beliefs that help to realize to the fullest extent possible one’s own possibilities, aspirations and potential of the Personality as a structural unit of the Whole.

Personal Growth Vector. Life purpose Potential. Mission.

Maximum effective, fast, exciting and high-quality technique that allows you to reach new levels of awareness and correct the psycho-emotional state .

This correction system is suitable for all ages
(from 5-7 years), both men and women, both individually and as a group
groups, both for personal and corporate tasks and problems,

Live Transformational Encounters.

These spaces are created with a lot of love.

Task – Dissecting your queries in a group, eco-friendly IAC sessions. Finding solutions for everyone. Group field transformations on the type of Hellinger’s Formations.

Here are collected different topics for the harmonious formation of a new Man in the environment of his own kind through the prism of the I am the Creator, I am part of the whole! Creative realization of the Self integrated into the Community of like-minded people.

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