Alina W.


Oksanochka, I am so grateful that life sent you my way! Our sessions with you have opened my eyes to many things, like it was all in me but not finding its way out. Thanks to you, I'm starting to find my true self, my real self. You have so much knowledge and wisdom in you, you give peace of mind and reassurance, everything falls into place 🙏💖 You are a beautiful, amazing woman who brings light and goodness. Thank you!

Julia T.


I really needed help and quite magically, I was lucky enough to meet Oksana! It certainly wasn't an accident! Here's a little bit of my story.... Do you know that state of mind when you wake up and you're already tired? When you are not living, but surviving, because you have no strength and energy for anything! That's exactly the condition I've had for several years. At first you don't realize that something is wrong. You live like this for weeks, months, years...And then you look at yourself in the mirror and you can't see yourself in it. The body is so petrified you can't even breathe. This happens when you live for a very long time not on the principle of "I Want" but "I Should". When you completely lose touch with yourself, your body and soul. You stop hearing and feeling yourself. And when you stop feeling, feeling pleasure from yourself and from the World, everything becomes gray, dull and hostile. Oksana is that magical person, thanks to whom, I got my Self back! Finally able to relax, trust myself and the flow of life! Oksana helped me to get rid of and destroy all my blocks, fears, clamps, attitudes that prevented me from being myself and that prevented me from growing and developing! Now I enjoy my beautiful self every day, my femininity, I know who I am, what I want and what I need. I am thousandfold grateful to you, Oksanochka, for your help! ❤️

Julia Freedom


PRO sleep 💙💤 It is not customary to discuss bad sleep, especially with those who sleep sweetly. Have you ever had that happen to you? Are you having bad dreams and you can't do anything about it? Not at all. I found a solution that is, shall we say, not standard. I want to share my experience, in case it helps someone else too. For several years now, I've had a nightmare with the same scenario that has been ruining my mood, to say the least. In fact, I experienced overwhelming terror, fear, stress and a headache for the morning. I could wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid to go back to sleep. Some may say, "Well, it's just a dream," but when you're asleep, it's a real reality. I decided to share my problem with a loved one who suggested to me a method called HYPNOSIS. 👁️‍🗨️ No, it's not a pendulum in front of my eyes, but my eyelids do get heavy. Light hypnosis helped me find the distortion and correct it. I can tell you for sure - it works. An amazing experience is assured to you. Even if you don't see a way out, it doesn't mean there isn't one. Oksana works very environmentally tactful and attentive.

Katerina Belohh


Oksanochka, thank you for an interesting experience. Went to the game for interest:), and got a huge benefit. Surprisingly, in the process, "pain points" were revealed, even though I thought I didn't have any, long ago everything was worked through and realized. The game revealed beliefs that prevented going with ease. You felt so deeply for me that during meditation, it felt like it wasn't your voice, but my own inner voice leading me. There is so much strength and light in you, so fragile and delicate. Please shine :)!!! Hugging you with my heart.

Tatjana Virulaine


Oksana, thank you for your helpful and very detailed consultation. I received the answer to my inquiry and confirmed that I was intuitively going in the right direction. Thanks to the information received, I mentally laid out what exactly I can do now and what areas of life to pay more attention to. At the consultation you broke down my personality type in a very accessible and detailed way, it was the first time for me to have such an experience. Thank you!

Elena Revyakina


When I was going to counseling, I didn't know what to expect. This was not my first experience of such meetings and the outcome was not always positive. When I arrived and Oksana made fragrant tea and just humanly with genuine interest dived into my numbers and my questions about myself and life, I completely relaxed and just absorbed the information like a sponge. It is rare to meet a person like Oksana, who deals with you sincerely, energizes you with such positive energy that after the meeting you feel as if you have grown wings and you have energy to do something that you did not dare to do before (I wanted to, but found a million excuses :)). At the counseling session it was okay to look inside myself and talk openly about my fears, it helped me understand how to work through them. Oksana gave me a lot of useful advice and most importantly - faith in myself, and in the fact that everything will be exactly as it should be. I'm grateful to You! 🌺

Irada Ahmedova


Oksana, words of gratitude are just words! I know you feel my gratitude! I had a very informative and interesting time with you! Transformational counseling in the game form "live as you think" suddenly begin to feel your thoughts, what you hide from yourself! You've known it for a long time, but you don't dare tell yourself. To look at yourself from the outside...Interesting..... And it's the most important, or even decisive, who's with you! Oksana! You are very cozy!... ( do they say so? But this is my feeling). Your energy is disposing, relaxing..... I thank you!

Mila Age


Today I was at Oksana's "living the way I think" game. For me transformational games are not new, was going just to spend time with a nice interesting person to me. I was sure I wouldn't be surprised or learn anything new. But at the end I received clear answers and recommendations, dispelled my doubts and gave me hope for important aspects. There was individual work, it's very important who and how they lead you through the game. It's amazing that you can easily reach a problematic target in two hours. Oksana thank you for your subtle approach and the right words, for your professionalism. I was very pleased with the play and what I heard, saw, all to the point. Continuing with the homework assignment. Will definitely keep playing on other areas.

Tatiana Lavrova


I am very grateful to Oksana for her work. Oksana is polite, attentive and very friendly person. She took a very responsible approach to working with me and exceeded my expectations. Throughout the entire collaboration, I felt her care and was touched by Oksana's willingness to understand the intricacies of my type. Our counseling session lasted over two hours. Oksana was thorough in her preparation and gave me all the explanations I needed. It was evident that she had an excellent grasp of the topic and was genuinely interested in the outcome. I was very pleased that Oksana was eager to bring out my strength. She had three options and asked clarifying questions, gave me time to think, and was very sensitive yet persistent (which is a very good thing). I find the information I received from Oksana extremely useful. I will definitely apply this knowledge in my life. Thanks to Oksana, I have in many ways revised my attitude to some aspects of life. I wish Oksana further success in her chosen field of development. I am willing to recommend her services openly among my acquaintances and subscribers.

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