Transformation of negative programs into positive scenarios

Resolving internal conflicts


Childhood traumas, lack of energy, repetitive negative events, depressed state, sleep disturbance, guilt, shame, fear, abjection, low self-esteem, anxiety, breakdowns at work, on children, loved ones, dependent relationships, lack of desires, fear of starting a new path.


  1. Recognizing and releasing their stagnant processes in life.
  2. Improving the quality of life in various spheres: relationships, with yourself, loved ones, at work.
  3. Knowing how to manage your states.
  4. Lightness, fullness of feeling, joy of life.
  5. Willingness and ability to develop.
  6. Determining one’s direction in life.
  7. Healing psychosomatic trauma.
  8. There’s an energy emerging.
  9. Reduced stress levels.
  10. Improved health.

Terms and conditions

Duration 1 hour

Cost of 1 session – 70 euros

The cost of the course of 3 sessions – 180 euros (term1 month)

Work Plan:

1- Detecting fears and beliefs, discovering blind spots in the mind.

2. organic replacing the old limiting beliefs with new empowering programs

3. finding for the old belief its place in the inner space. The implantation of a new belief.

Terms and conditions

Face-to-face meeting

or Online meeting (Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegramm, Skype)

Duration 1-1.5 hours

Cost of 1 session – 50 euros

The cost of the course of 4 sessions – 180 euros (term of 1 month)

6-month coaching 800 euros.20 sessions of 45 minutes. Gift – determination of personality type.


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